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Quavo Confirmed He Took Back Saweetie’s $350K Bentley In Leaked Song Snippet

Quavo allegedly did have Saweetie’s Bentley repossessed after all.

Twitter erupted in a debate on whether Quavo really reclaimed the Bentley he got Saweetie after media outlet MTO reported that a source close to the rapper said he sent over a repo man to take the $350,000 gift back last month. According to TMZ, “sources directly connected” to the Migos rapper later denied the claims calling them “flat-out false.” However, a leaked snippet from a Migos track indicates that Quavo may have indeed taken back the car.

While the story lingered without confirmation in March, Twitterverse had a field day with the narrative with some fans making jokes about what Quavo allegedly did. The “insider” reportedly told MTO at the time that “He’s not being petty or anything, but she’s on Twitter talking sh*t. So he took back the car”. The Bentley was reportedly leased in Quavious’s name under the agreement that he could end the contract early for a fee. It appeared that the rumors of him taking back the luxury vehicle was dispelled until now.

DJ Akademiks took to Instagram to share a snippet from an unreleased song where Quavo raps, “She slime and she sneaky / Taking back the Bentley.” The hip-hop commentator is taking the lyrics as confirmation telling fans, “Quavo just evened the score. He confirmed he repo that Bentley on shawty. I’m telling y’all.. 2021 the year of the migos. Quavo on a war path.”

Last month when the story first broke, some seemed understanding of Quavo’s plight while others did not concur. “After Quavo taking back the Bentley he had gifted Saweetie. Stingy Men Association,” one Twitter user wrote with a meme attached. “He took back a half a million-dollar car fam, he didn’t change his Netflix password lmao there’s a little bit of a difference,” TV personality The Kid Mero tweeted.

While it remains unconfirmed which song the line circulating on social media comes from and whether or not it will be officially released, fans are back to making jokes about the situation that has welcomed mixed reactions. “Saweetie….. She’s a runner, she’s a trackstar. Quavo took the Bentley, she won’t get far,” one wrote. Some fans disagreed with the move, with one tweeting, “If Quavo take that Bentley back he a b*tch.” Meanwhile, others weren’t mad at the rapper at all. “I Love How Quavo Took The Bentley Backk,” another Twitter user wrote.

How do you feel about Quavo allegedly taking back the $350,000 Bentley he gifted Saweetie in December?