Mavado Tributes Late Mother In New Song “Never Give Up”

Mavado tributes his late mother in his new song, “Never Give Up.”

Amidst what is no doubt one of the rockiest moments in his life, Mavado has given us a new anthem in his latest release, “Never Give Up.” The single, which was released today (March 26) by Good Good Productions, has already made its way to YouTube’s trending list. The Zum-produced track seems to be a sort of social commentary on the latest happenings in the Dancehall artiste’s life.

Mavado, unfortunately, lost his mother two weeks ago and has been in mourning since. The singjay has posted several tributes to her on his Instagram page, including a video memory collage that features clips from birthday celebrations and interactions with her grandchildren. In one of his latest tributes, alongside a picture of his mother, Mavado wrote, “I can just imagine you in heaven with this beautiful smile Mama, I still can’t believe you not here anymore.”

Mavado reflect on mom’s death and son imprisoned in new music

As the artiste struggled to come to terms with his mother’s death, he was hit by another blow. His eighteen-year-old son Dante Brooks was sentenced to life in prison for murder a week ago. He is to serve at least 22 years in prison before the possibility of parole. While the father has not directly commented on his son’s conviction, it’s safe to say that he is heartbroken. In an Instagram post earlier this year, Mavado accused the court system of being unfair while vowing to fight for his son and co-accused Andre Hinds. The Gully Gad said, “It’s like my son was found guilty before trial, but I’m going to point out everything and the injustice one day at a time.”

Fast forward to today’s release, in which Mavado sings of his impending comeback. Lines from the song reference his late mother’s prayers and enemies setting traps for him and his son.

In commenting on his son’s dilemma, Mavado sings, “Mi affi mek it through the storm nuh matter what a gwaan… How much real youths weh gone, mi son a run remand.”

Other featured lines include, “Wah me do, bounce back pon dem like abracadabra… Waan get mi down but mi up like viagra.” “Fi stop mi them coulda neva… People die but Legends live forever.”

The song is ultimately extremely relatable with a catchy hook that will have fans singing it over and over again. While it is no doubt based on the circumstances Mavado is facing right now, it is also relatable for anyone who is facing struggles, and this will make it popular among fans.

Comments on the single have largely been filled with love and support for the singer.

One fan said, “Swear this man never disappoint me yet always could relate to all his song mavado fans will never give up on u or in our life.”

Another commented, “Nuff thing vado guh through this year who knows, knows…rate how him take the negative events inna him life and turn it into motivation for the fans dem. #NeverGiveUp.”

Mavado “We Nah Listen”

Mavado also dropped a second single titled “We Nah Listen” featured on the Big Time Riddim, produced by One Time Music.