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6ix9ine Told Bobby Shmurda Breakfast Club Allegedly Paid Him $500K For Interview

Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly told Bobby Shmurda that he not only got paid $500K to appear on the Breakfast Club but that he is still collecting YouTube royalties for the interview.

Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy are denying 6ix9ine’s alleged claim that he was paid half a million dollars to do an interview with them. During a recent episode of the Breakfast Club, the hosts were discussing current happenings in hip-hop, which led to a conversation about Bobby Shmurda, who was recently granted a conditional release from prison.

According to Charlamagne, Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly told Bobby Shmurda that he is still earning royalties from his Breakfast Club interview that he was paid $500 for. “Bobby, that n***a lied to you,” Charlamagne said during the episode adding that he wants to set the record straight. “The Breakfast Club did not pay for any interviews. I just want to throw that out there.”

Unsure what he was alluding to, Angela Yee began to question what Charlamagne was going on about. Charlamagne explained, “There’s an artist that told Bobby Shmurda that he got paid a half a million dollars to do a Breakfast Club interview and that he gets residuals, royalties from the YouTube interview.”

That is when DJ Envy chimed in to insist that “He’s a god damn liar… He’s a known liar” and disclosed to Angela Yee that they were talking about 6ix9ine. While they appear to be aware that the controversial rapper got the untrue message to Bobby Shmurda, Charlamagne clarified that they could not confirm that he told him directly and not through someone else or other means.

6ix9ine Gets YouTube Royalties?

On 6ix9ine claiming to get residuals from the YouTube interview, DJ Envy said, “that has never happened in the history of life,” while Angela Yee called it “ridiculous.” The hosts were previously discussing the terms of Bobby Shmurda’s conditional release. The rapper who served just over six years in prison for his involvement in the GS9 gang will be on federal probation until February 2026.

During that period, Bobby will be subjected to drug tests, is prohibited from drinking alcohol, has to do counseling for aggression and anger management, has to maintain a job, and has to abide by an 8 p.m. curfew. Angela Yee warned that the provisions were put in place to set up the rapper to fail and pleaded with those around him to ensure that he sticks to the rules.