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Lil Durk Offers To Help Lil Baby Win His Rematch With Quavo & Jack Harlow

Can Lil Durk help Lil Baby win his rematch with Quavo and Jack Harlow?

Fans who follow Lil Baby are well aware of his skill as a rapper and an enterprising businessman. What they may not have known is how unskilled he is when it comes to basketball. At least that’s what was made apparent following the recently concluded All-Star Weekend when he was paired with 2 Chainz for a two-on-two game against Quavo and Jack Harlow.

Many didn’t think that 2 Chainz lacked skills, but rather they laid into Lil Baby’s performance. So much so that memes of his lack of skills started trending. Now Baby wants a rematch to prove he’s got what it takes to beat Quavo and Jack Harlow. He admitted to his shortcomings in the game and asked that the rematch be scheduled in 90 days so that he could get himself ready.

“Give me three months I’m setting one of these up!! Y’all got me fuc*ed up,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. The message was placed alongside a video of Harlow and himself shooting before the game. He didn’t say if they would once again battle for a $500K cash prize. DJ Akademiks caught the post and shared it with the following caption, “#lilbaby said in 3 months he finna pull up on #jackharlow and play him in basketball. Who should train lil baby to be a better basketball player?”

A lot of people have commented and said that it’s highly unlikely that he will get good enough in three months time to win, but one of his colleagues, Lil Durk, has high hopes and is even willing to offer training. Under the comment section of Akademiks’ post, he said, “All he gotta do is call me.”

Durk’s basketball skills have been highlighted on several occasions, and he’s proven that he has some superb skills on the court. He’s so confident on the court that he’s even issued challenges in the past to Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, and Quavo. Do you think Baby will be ready if he gets help from Durk?