Kemar Highcon Had A Safaree Moment After Female Fans Comment On His Girlfriend’s Race

Kemar Highcon had one of those Safaree moments after a female made some disparaging comments about his girlfriend and her race.

Dancehall artist Kemar “Sauceboss” Highcon recently came under fire from the public after he posted a picture on his Instagram page posing with a female of Caucasian decent slightly perched on his lap. The entertainer ensured the public was aware that he was flexing with an import when he dropped the Thailand flag to represent the nationality of the female.

The comment section below the post was a blend of and bad. For the most part, comedic comments such as “watch cookie and cream” and “hold her good fi mi deh”, seemingly celebrated the union of love, something that runs deeper than the colour of one’s skin. Yet, others took to the comment area to unleash their concerns about dancehall artistes “always dating light skin females.”

One person commented “ Suh nuh artists nuh want nuh black girl again”… while another urged, “Black women should stop supporting and listening to this man! Bcuz its obvious where his love and respect is and its not towards us.”

The comment that has been making rounds on social media came from a fiery IG user who said, “These are the kind of ni**** ya’ll females run behind and support when they not even see yall. They rather hitch up with soggy skin white gal looking like when butter melting.”

The Sauceboss was furious in his clap back, using a simple but passionate “S**k yuh mother.” If you follow Safaree Samuels on social media then you would know that this would be his reaction to an issue like this.

Kemar Highcon‘s friend and fellow American based entertainer Lincoln3Dot, also commented on the post with a single word “Toxic”, to which the Sauceboss responded with laughing emoji’s.

The artiste was seemingly unfazed by the backlash, as a few hours later, another picture with the same female was posted on his page, the female clinching to him as he gently hugs her. This picture was captioned “Good Morning. #Toxic.”

This had many fans suspecting that the pictures were taken in support of the artists’ music video, however, the furiousness of his response has left many with additional questions. This is in part due to the deejay welcoming his first child into the world last October.

Alas, the “Talk Bout” deejay would later post a clip from his latest video, featuring the same woman, which he captioned, “Kemar Highcon- Sneak Out is out on all platforms.” The video for “Sneak out” was released 3 weeks ago and has since racked up close to 11,000 views. Was this just a clever marketing ploy or is there love in the air for the Sauceboss?