Shenseea Nails TikTok’s #HeelsChallenge Like A Pro Athlete

Shenseea has become a TikTok star in the globe’s downtime, and fans are loving just how silly and entertaining the dancehall star can be.

Lately, Shenseea has become somewhat of a TikTok fiend, and being such a nut at heart has really pushed her content to be quite relatable to her audience. Her latest antics went viral on the Shade Room, and the comments were replete with admiration, laughs, and positivity. After a TikTok user by the name of Nicole posted the “heels challenge,” which saw her doing cartwheels and sprinting in everything from stilettos to booties and pumps, Shenseea decided to put her own spin on the viral challenge.

In the TikTok video that has thousands of fans cracking up and Shenyengs looking on in awe, Shenseea is clad in a denim jacket, some multicolored Ethika leggings, and red thigh-high boots. She proceeds to take on four levels of challenges that all include her displaying top speeds. In the first challenge, the dancehall deejay runs with her purse, which seems easy enough. It becomes a bit more “challenging” the next level up when she has to high jump over a chair. Following that hurdle, she runs with her son Raj in her arms in level 3 and then takes off with a brand new PS5 in level 4 before the grand finale, where she “escapes property.”

Some fans were taken with her tenacity, while others were distracted by her large derriere, which is a featured part of the video as she never actually turns around to face the camera. As viewers noted, Shen cut it pretty close when she hopped over that chair, but luckily she made it without a scratch. In the comments, many people also talked about her velocity being impeded by the weight of Rajeiro by the third round, but she picks up back top speeds when she makes a run for it with the coveted PS5.

The final challenge was by far the most hilarious and the most talked-about among fans who were all taken aback by what Shenseea did next. After the caption said, “escape property,” many were expecting Shenseea to at least attempt to jump over the wall when she sprinted like Shelly-Ann Fraser towards the end of the premises. Quite surprisingly, the “Lighter” singer shocked viewers when she hopped up and straddled the tree right by the wall instead. The optics were hysterically entertaining and made even more so by the impression that the last challenge was misread by many as “escape poverty.”

Fans reacted with glee, and by the way, they described their experience watching it, it’s safe to assume that half of them wrote their comments from the floor where they were still rolling. “I kno she didn’t just hug a damn tree,” one fan wrote with a series of laughing emojis. “Not the way she stuck to that tree like some damn velcro,” another said with the crying laughing emoji. The comments were predominantly positive, with fans saying things like “I love her she too funny” and “Dwl mumma fit man!”

While many questioned where Shenseea always gets this much energy from and doubt they could find it within themselves, they were still inspired to give it a shot. “If I ever did tik tok it would be this one,” one fan suggested. Some even asked who wanted to let them borrow their kids so they could participate in the challenge. As for those with a bit darker humor, they are looking forward to the failed challenges to see how it would turn out for those candidates. The TikTok video of Shenseea has already garnered 2.5 million views on The Shade Room’s Instagram page in less than 24 hours. One fan said Shenseea is the Jamaican Saweetie, and another gave dancehall star Spice 24 hours to accept the challenge herself.

Will you be taking on the heels challenge?