Chronixx Drops First Single Of The Year “Safe N Sound” Ahead Of Sophomore Album

Chronixx is “Safe N Sound” in his first release of the year as he continues to craft his sophomore album.

Reggae singer Chronixx has just released his brand new song and video, “Safe N Sound.” The video gets direction from Dark X and SAMO and track produced by Soul Circle Music. Dubbed a lyrical master, the “Skankin’ Sweet” artiste does not disappoint with his delivery in this new track and video.

For the most part, the video is set on a deserted inner-city street in Jamaica. Accompanying scenes also show him in a classroom and a market. He chants in the chorus: “We need more love flowing in the streets, Children?a smile an?a skin dem?teeth. More love flowing in the town. Whole community safe and sound. Love flowing in the street. Work affi gwan and food affi eat. More love flowing in the town. People tell me how mi sound.”

Chronixx preaches a message that is reminiscent of what is happening in Jamaican society as it relates to crime and violence. He reminds the youth to get wise and rise against “sufferation” and “poverty.” He encourages the youth of the nation to show more love and togetherness amongst each other. This is Chronixx’s first single for 2021. The artist is still working on his sophomore album that was originally slated for release last year. The new date of release has still not been announced, but fans are eagerly awaiting its release.