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Lil Baby Calls Out Kodak Black On Twitter For Sneak Dissing Him

Lil Baby seemingly responded to Kodak Black’s recent “sneak diss” online.

While Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty were previously involved in a petty back and forth on social media about who invented the whole spreading of cash on the arms and legs flex, Lil Baby, whose recent lyrics inspired the debate, has remained hushed on the topic. Kodak posted a video questioning a line from Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s track “Finesse Out The Gang Way,” where the latter said he invented posting money on the gram.

In the clip that served as Kodak Black‘s retort, the rapper explained that there is no bad blood between him and Baby, but he would like his credit. The recently pardoned rapper showed an old Instagram post in the video where he was spreading Benjamins on his arm and leg back in 2016. Pooh Shiesty joined the conversation when he shared his own throwback photos from about a decade ago, claiming he was doing it long before Kodak Black was even rapping in a since-deleted post.

Lil Baby has now broken his silence and has seemingly responded to Kodak Black’s claims on social media. Taking to Twitter to say his piece, the Atlanta rapper wrote, “Don’t sneak diss on the internet call me.” Fans immediately began to speculate that the tweet was directed at Kodak Black. Meanwhile, some commenters on Instagram believe that Lil Baby is just speaking in general, a theory that most disagree with following Kodak calling the rapper out in a recent rant.

Since his release from prison, Kodak Black has been calling out artists left and right who he believes he has been a “big influence” on. Granted, the rapper has inspired notable mega-hits like Cardi B’s recently Diamond-certified single “Bodak Yellow,” but there are others that he is alleging he never got credit for – namely, Megan Thee Stallion’s use of “driving the boat” and now the money-spreading trend that he has long taken public credit for.

Do you think Lil Baby should be giving Kodak props for this one?