Adele Wins Big In Divorce Battle, Avoids Paying Spousal Support


Adele’s husband won’t be getting any spousal support as the couple finalizes their divorce and custody arrangement following the end of their marriage. Court papers show that the couple came to an agreement on March 4 which also had a clause that stopped either of them from claiming spousal support. “Each party waives the right to seek or obtain any spousal support from the other party,” the agreement said.

Meanwhile, the decision regarding their son Angelo and child support has been kept private. However, the agreement did say that the country of habitual residence for Angelo will be the United States of America.

In a unique twist, the agreement also said Angelo’s last name will also be Adkins which is his mother Adele’s last name. There were no previous questions as to paternity doubt, and the agreement did not speak further on why the parties agreed to him having his mother and not father’s last name.

According to TMZ, the agreement came out of mediation as the couple both opted not to go to trial.

Adele and her husband have been married since 2016, and their son Angelo was born in 2012. The couple separated in 2019, and Adele filed for divorce, citing the ground for divorce as irreconcilable differences in September 2019 in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The divorce is said to have been finalized in March but was kept largely private due to a court ruling which also required that the Attorneys for the parties sign non-disclosure agreements.

While information in relation to the singer’s net worth as well as her income was kept private in the proceeding, Adele’s husband is believed to have walked away with as much as half of her £180 million fortune since there was no prenup. It’s unclear if there was any settlement and how much if any.