Shenseea Shares How She Teaches Her Son To Respect Women

Shenseea son Rajeiro Lee
Shenseea, Rajeiro Lee

Shenseea shared some insight on how she teaches her son to respect women and sees beauty in all skin tones.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has always been vocal about the role she plays in her son’s life, especially since she is a single mother. Her musical career has grown in leaps and bounds since she broke into the music industry a few years ago. She now not only wears the hat of an entertainer but is now a brand ambassador, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Thankfully, all these roles have not negated her duties as a mother, which she sees as being her top job.

She sat down for a quick interview for International Women’s Day, where she gave her fans an insight into her thoughts on raising a male child in Jamaica and also how her career choice has influenced her parenting choices. Citing showing respect, especially to women, as one of her main lessons to her son, she believes it is important her son Rajeiro grows up knowing he must be respectable to all females.

She touched on the issue of race and shared; “I will hear Raj talking about women, saying, ‘This girl is so pretty’, and in many instances, it will be female of mixed race or a Caucasian, and I make sure to show him images of black women to question him about what he sees as beautiful. But it’s not about complexion. My thing is beauty starts from within.”

Shenseea and her son Rajeiro

Shenseea stressed that she wants him to know there is beauty in all women and not to focus so much so on the physical that he may see but also what is on the inside. She gave credit to her aunt, who said she has taken charge to “instill values” and assist her with letting her son keep in line as it relates to manners.

She also had some words of encouragement for her fellow females, telling them to “be the best version of yourself.” While she does not mind being seen as an inspiration, she does not want others to be like her. In commenting on her fellow female entertainers, she was quick to give them recognition for the contribution they have made to the industry. The “Lighters” singer made mention that in the past, the industry was set in a way that seemed to pit females against each other. She credited Lady Saw, Ce’Cile, and Spice as industry players who have helped to pave the way for entertainers like her.

It is indeed good to see that a female artiste can give credit where it is due and that she is also growing her son up in a way where he will learn respect for all. Rajeiro enjoys a lot of screentime because of his mother’s fame and has even managed to cop endorsement deals for himself from Babybop Kids and Chubby.