Shaneil Muir Unbothered By Fans Calling Her “Ass-ets” Flat

Shaneil Muir

Shaneil Muir is unbothered by some fans calling her butt flat.

One of the things social media users have majored in since its inception is berating each other whenever a chance presents itself. The supposed thrill and power garnered from verbally butchering someone online has given rise to ‘trolls.’ Celebrities have been made to face the brunt of the shade-throwing, jeering, and outright ridiculing that this elite group has dished out. There seems to have been an increase in the criticizing of one’s choice of clothing, hairstyle, and with the growing obsessions of one’s body, body shaming.

Earlier this week, “Top Gyal” entertainer Shaneil Muir was on the receiving end of a body-shaming debacle. The singer was apparently out having fun at the Bahia Principe Grand Hotel in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, when she posted some photos of herself to her adoring fans.

Her supporters forwarded heaps of praises about her physique and overall confidence as she donned a skimpy one-piece swimsuit. All was well until one internet troll decided to change course with the comment “butt kind of flat.”

She, of course, did not take kindly to this and clapped back at the troll, “just like yuh bank account.” In a follow-up post, she said, “Me no trouble people eno but I love to make examples like maths class ??.” With all this exchange going on, she reminded fellow females to “embrace” the body they were born in.

Shaneil took to Instagram later in the day, where she shared a photo-shopped version of one of the photos in question, which shows her derriere much more protruded than before. She captioned the photo, “Me do me body now. Uno good now? Or it would wah fix more?”

This photo, of course, provided some good comic relief for her followers. We are just happy things did not escalate any further, and thankfully Shaneil was able to make light of the matter.