Lionel Richie Stunned Fans When They Learned Age of His New Girlfriend

Lionel Richie sent fans scattering this week after he shared a photo of his young girlfriend. Fans couldn’t help but talk about the age gap between the singer, who is 71, and his girlfriend Lisa Parigi, who is said to be 30.

The photo, which was initially shared to show his love and appreciation for Parigi for Valentine’s Day, started making the rounds on social media after fans caught wind of the age gap. The relationship between Parigi, who is a lifestyle blogger that also seems to have started a home décor company, ‘The Estate Collection,’ which has a range of items named after Richie’s brand, has been with the singer since 2014.

The photo was captioned “love is in the air…Happy Valentine’s Day from @lisaparigi_ and I.” it showed the two standing as they snuggled up next to each other.

Fans chimed in with their own views on the couple- “I mean yeah, but hes old enough to be her grandfather,” one person commented. “40 years age gap…as in she was 0 and he was 40 looooooool,” another said.

Lionel Richie had three children, with his oldest daughter Nicole, 39 being older than his current love interest. He also has two other children Sofia and Miles, who are in their mid-twenties. The “Stuck On You” singer has hinted in the past that he was open to having children with Parigi as well as even going so far as saying a wedding proposal can be in the pipeline.