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Drake And Drakeo The Ruler’s “Talk To Me” Heads For Big Chart Debut

Drake has a new track coming with Drakeo the Ruler that’s heading for a big chart debut.

After being released from jail in November of last year, L.A. rapper Drakeo the Ruler is coming out with a new project. During a new interview with Zane Lowe from Apple Music, Drakeo revealed that the upcoming project titled Truth Hurts will feature Billboard giant Drake, Don Toliver, and more. The L.A. rapper explained how the collaboration came to be, telling the interviewer that he went the contemporary way and slid in Drake’s DMs.

“I got out of jail and my engineer was like, ‘Why you don’t follow Drake?’ I’m like, ‘He don’t follow me, bro.’ Then I looked, and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah.’ So I hit him up, I’m like, ‘Let’s do something.’ And then he’s like, ‘What’s your number? I got this song I did for you.’ And then it kind of clicked in my head what they was talking about before,” he explained.

While he admits that he wasn’t too sure about the song at first, he adapted because it is Drizzy after all. “At first, I was like, ‘That’s kind of different, but I’m like, nah. This Drake. I’m finna do whatever,'” The Ruler explained. “But at first, I’m like I don’t usually really do something like that. But then when I got on it, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, this hard.’ I’m just like “Drake bro!’ Like all right.” The track titled “Talk To Me” will appear on Truth Hurts, which is slated to arrive on Wednesday (Feb. 24).

Drakeo The Ruler was arrested in 2017 and spent three years in jail on gang conspiracy and shooting charges. Prosecutors alleged that his band of musicians was actually a violent gang, and he was their leader. In July 2019, he was found not guilty for murder and attempted murder, but though he was acquitted, he was not discharged from custody.

Then last November, the rapper struck a plea deal and was finally released from jail. He told Zane Lowe that a lot of people didn’t care to see him win or even free. “Three years being in jail, fighting the death penalty. It’s a lot of people that was just like didn’t want this to happen,” said Drakeo.

“And it hurts. I mean, I got Drake on there, Don Toliver….People never thought. They thought I was going to be doing the same thing and just not progressing with my music, all type of stuff. So this is really going to hurt them. For people that don’t necessarily share the same interests as me.” Amid the interview revealing that he has teamed up with Drake, Drakeo The Ruler began trending on social media.

The rapper pled guilty to shooting from a motor vehicle while the charge accusing his band of being a gang was dropped. Truth Hurts, Drakeo’s impending album follows We Know The Truthwhich was the first album he dropped after his release in November. He also recorded and released the album Thank You For Using GTL when he was in jail.

As with every song that has Drake’s vocals, fans are already predicting a big chart debut.