Jaden Smith & Cara Delevingne Shares Kiss & Showers Her With Red Roses

Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne are sparking dating rumors after lip-locking on the street.

This Valentine’s day weekend was filled with surprises for many lovers. Some were showered with gifts, flown out, or just simply delighted by a super romantic night. Other surprises came in the form of head-turning new celebrity romances that no one saw coming. One such pair who sparked dating rumors over the weekend was Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne.

The Life In A Year co-stars were spotted having a romantic moment in the streets of West Hollywood on Valentine’s day. Jaden greeted Cara in the street and handed her a bouquet of red roses and a giant teddy bear. The two then shared a Valentine’s day smooch right there on the street.

There was no prior indication that the two were involved, but they starred in the movie Life In A Year together. It was filmed in 2017 and premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2020. Fans are now speculating that the romance started on set almost four years ago, but as far as documented by the media, they have both been romantically linked to others since.

Most recently, Cara Delevingne was in a relationship with actress Ashley Benson. The two seemed to be an inseparable match for a long time. While most fans are shocked to learn that Cara is allegedly dating Jaden Smith now, the pair has actually been running in the same circles and has had mutual friends for years. The English supermodel is friends with Kendall Jenner, who has been close friends with Smith since they were kids and whose sister Kylie Jenner also dated him as a teenager.

The prospect of Cara Delevingne, 28, and Jaden Smith, 22, being an item has got fans talking online. For those who have seen the movie the two starred in together, the match-up is more conceivable because they watched the two fall in love on screen. Though the public kissing and Valentine’s day gesture are a huge tell, it’s yet to be confirmed if Cara and Jaden are actually a thing.

Do you think these two are actually dating?