Jahmiel Reflects On “Love Lost” In New Video For Valentine’s Day

Jahmiel drops a soulful dancehall banger “Love Lost” with an accompanied visual for Valentine’s Day.

Jahmiel is setting the tone for those who have found themselves single on this Valentine’s Day, with the release of the official music video for his 2020 track “Love Lost.” The video tells the story of a man who has painted the demise of his own relationship, as he pays no attention to his partner at home. She eventually leaves him only after aborting their unborn child. A year later, we see her with a different man, this time with a growing baby bump and a huge smile on her face.

“Listen, Me sorry fi brake yuh heart a try find me self, Sorry fi always a complain and neva, See di problems dem inna me self,” Jahmiel sings. He continues his apology with, “Sorry fi tell yuh seh me love yuh but me still cheat /You have a good heart and nuff would a kill fi it/ Me neva eva wah yuh feel like yuh nuh good enough/ Yuh do enough a thousand times.”

The singer has confessed that a majority of his songs are crafted from personal experiences. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn he’s the chief character in his bitter lover story. The true to life lyrics will definitely resonate with many who may have found themselves in a similar situation.

In a recent interview, the singjay explained that he wants his music to inspire others. This is a perfect entry in that department and will surely motivate others to choose love, especially on Valentine’s Day.