Red Rat Talks Announces New Dancehall Project “Drop Top Riddim”

Dancehall veteran Red Rat is gearing up to drop his new project, “Drop Top” riddim, due later this month.

Over a decade ago, the vibrant 90s frontrunner was offered a spot as the President of A&R at Infinity Moguls Inc. His post as a talent scout eventually led to the discovery of American singer/songwriter/producer Pascalli, who is now his business partner at their own label, ‘Mogul Beatz’. The two allegedly met when Red Rat noticed her talents on a movie set in 2010. They have since combined their talents on numerous releases, including a bouncy Latin track titled “Higher,” which was released in 2016. The track has secured well over 20 million views since its release.

Many dancehall fans would conclude that the singer has been under the radar for a few years. During a recent interview, Red Rat explained that while he has been busy on the Latin scene, but he’s turned his attention back to dancehall in 2020.

“We’ve been working heavily in the Spanish market for a few years now and just started doing dancehall juggling since this pandemic started,” he confessed.

Last year the production team released a rhythm called “The Kwarantine Riddim,” which gained major traction. It featured the likes of Ding Dong, Tifa, Bay-C, Red Rat & Pascalli. The team is hoping to gain even more traction with the upcoming release of their new dancehall project.

“We have our new project dropping on February 19th, 2021 called Drop Top Riddim which features me, Pascalli, Wasp, Badda General & Tarnado,” Red Rat revealed. “We have so many more projects to drop but Covid slowed down the entertainment industry drastically so for now we are just dropping a few singles to keep the vibes going and give the people good music to listen to until the place opens up again.”

Last year Red Rat clocked 4.5 million Spotify views on Spotify, which the streaming platform equated to a listener starting to listen from 1996. “The irony of the second picture is that I recorded my first hit single “Shelly Ann” on that same date and I never stopped since,” Red Rat explained in his post last year. “#GiveGodTheGlory I am also very grateful for all the new listeners from all the new countries that are being introduced to my music. I have a lot more music coming your way so stay tuned.”