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Lil Baby Escape Mob In His “Noisy” New Car After His Address Leaked

On Sunday Atlanta rapper Lil Baby had to pull a quick one on a mob of his adoring fans who surrounded the house where he was booked to stay, following the Super Bowl game in Tampa, Florida.

The game ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning 31-9 to the Kansas City Chiefs, becoming the first team to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Quarterback Tom Brady also secured his seventh Lombardi Trophy, two more than any other player in NFL history.

Let us pause on the recent festivities to focus on what many have considered a classic case of a home invasion. Fans of the “Bigger Picture” rapper are peeve at the recent event that took place, with some pointing out that the majority of the persons surrounding the premises were caucasian. “Let it had been some black people and security would’ve killed them,” came one comment.

Lil Baby recently landed a corporate bag when he teamed up with Monster Energy for his first-ever Super Bowl advertisement. The clip starts with a performance by the rapper in which he says, “I wasn’t born in the spotlight. Nah, I had to grind to shine, like a star on a hot night. And something ’bout the struggle now resides in my muscles. And every trial and trouble helped to hame my hustle. Real rockstars don’t chase the spotlight, it chases them.”

Home invasion is not a legally defined federal offense throughout the United States. However, in several states, such as Florida, the act is only deemed a criminal offense when it is accompanied by another crime such as burglary.

Luckily this was not the case for Lil Baby, who was a bit stirred by the presence of the crowd and immediately dismissed himself from the scene. In a video he posted. He jets off in a supercar but still films the large group of kids waiting to get a picture of him.

“Can’t come back there. Gotta get a whole new house,” he declares as he flees the scene, hoping to turn up at the much anticipated Super Bowl Party tonight. Fan also commended the efforts of Lil Baby on how he handled the situation as one IG user indicated, “this the type of post we wished we got about Pop Smoke.”