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Kodak Black Lost Weight, Gets New Face Tattoo, His Signature Locks & Tons Of Jewelry

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black’s post prison look involves massive weight loss, new face tattoos, bringing back his signature locks, a ton of diamond jewelry, and last but not least, a new pet.

Recently pardoned rapper Kodak Black is embracing his newfound freedom and has appeared on social media sporting a very different look. Enough of a new look that some of his fans have started conspiracy theories wondering if he was actually released or if a clone was in his stead. Conspiracies aside, Kodak looks like he wants to shake off his past and build a new future. He’s gotten a new forehead tattoo, hairstyle, and even a new mouthful of diamonds to complete his look.

Many fans seem taken aback by his new look though it all seems pretty logical. For example, Kodak Black lost a lot of weight in prison. This may be tied to his claims that he was mistreated for the entirety of his stay, and it stands to reason that the weight loss probably came from a bit of malnourishment. The other thing that has fans up in arms is his new tattoo, which is not really distinguishable from the photos that have surfaced, but the popular guess is that it’s either the Atlanta Hawks logo or a goat. No one has been able to confirm it as yet.

His hair is also longer, which is easily explainable since there weren’t many photos of him behind bars. Kodak Black left his home to visit his famous jeweler Johnny Dang for some new jewelry. Dang gave a little glimpse into what was selected, and that included lots of rings, a new grill, a VVS chain, and lots more bling. Johnny Dang captioned his post, “Welcome home, @kodakblack good to zee you home man and work with you. We do too many crazy new 1 of 1 pieces tonight.”

From the looks of it, Kodak Black is simply trying to assimilate to life as a free man and wants to get back to some of his flashy ways.

Fans on social media have been sounding off on his weight loss.