Chloe Bailey Push Back At Cyberbully In Emotional IG Live Session, Halle Berry Responds

Chloe Bailey gets outpouring of support following her emotional Instagram Live session.

Chloe Bailey blessed her fans and the internet at large recently when she created her own Instagram account outside of the page she shares with her sister and collaborator, Halle Bailey. Since starting the account, she has filled it with several viral videos and TikTok challenges, showing a different side of herself as she embraces her success and womanhood. The response to her posts has been overwhelmingly positive, but of course, there are always haters ready to tear people down when they are clearly feeling good about themselves.

Now, Chloe’s fans are fiercely defending her after the singer shed a few tears on Instagram Live while discussing the cyberbullying she has faced over the last couple of weeks.

Making it clear that she has nothing to prove to anyone, Chloe said, “I don’t post what I post for validation from anybody, it’s just me. That’s how I find my confidence. It’s taken me a lot to appreciate myself and my body.” She also opened about struggles she has had with her body image, saying, “There’s been so many times where I felt I wasn’t pretty enough and I have issues with my weight. It’s a pivotal time for me. I’m just now learning at 22, almost 23, that’s it’s okay to be all that you are and to stand in that power.”

Chloe goes on to explain that finding and enjoying her sexuality on social media is new to her. Still, she doesn’t plan on changing who she is for anybody who doesn’t like it.

Fans and supporters quickly defended Bailey’s right to love her body and do whatever she wants with it, including rapper Wale who replied to a Twitter user who called Chloe “a shame to women everywhere” by saying, “Stop tellin women what to do wit they sh*t. How hard is it to mind your business”. Halle Berry also tweeted her support, writing, “Sending lots of love to Chloe…Keep doing you.”