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Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz Celebrates Each Other Like Bosses During Latest Reunion

Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz celebrates each other like bosses as fans calls for new music.

It’s been a while since fans have heard about any new music rumblings from veteran rapper and business mogul Jay-Z. That looks like it’s about the change as reports have surfaced that he’s met with Swizz Beatz, and even though not confirmed, many believe it’s an indicator that new music might be on the horizon.

Jay-Z’s last album, 4:44, was released in 2017, and he hasn’t been heard from since. That album showed that he’d developed a new style and had also expanded the topics that he wished to address. It was more mature material that shared lessons of accumulating wealth, black pride, and the stresses of being married. Since then, fans have been clamoring for more. Jay-Z has one of the most impressive catalogs in the game, and fans are hoping that he delivers at least one more album before officially bowing out of the game.

They may be getting their wish after he was spotted with Swizz Beatz recently sharing some time and quality cigars. Swizz Beatz shared a few pictures from their luxurious meeting on Instagram. He captioned the post, “We must celebrate each other more just because.” The two have often worked together, and they go way back, all the way back to the 1998 album “Vol 2…Hard Knock Life.”

That’s something else he notes in the post sparking rumors that they may be thinking of collaborating again. “The fact that we woke up today is a plus. Blessings. HOV SB since 98,” he added to the caption.

Fans were quick to share their excitement in the comments. “ONE TIME FOR THE CULTURE,” this fan said, while this one said, “Album coming soon… Blueprint 4,” and this one added, “This means new music coming out soon. @therealswizzz tell me I’m lying? I bet @dmx is involved.”

Over 200,000 fans liked the photos, which is a small indicator that any work from the two would be very well received.