Beenie Man & His Daughter Desha Ravers’ JuneBug Challenge Goes Viral

Beenie Man and his daughter Desha Ravers went viral doing the JuneBug Challenge

The King of Dancehall was once well known for his dance moves, but his age is starting to show. In a recent video which he uploaded to Instagram, he is seen attempting the JuneBug, or at least a variation of it, with his daughter Desha Ravers. They were attempting the latest viral Tik Tok dance challenge called the “Junebug Challenge.” He tagged Desha in the post as well.

The challenge is usually performed to SpotemGottem’s hit song “Beat Box 2.” The challenge was named after its creator, Junebug. Beenie Man admits that he doesn’t have a handle on it as he captioned his post the Junebug remix. He and his daughter have fun as she encourages him to get down and show his moves. Many celebrities like Saweetie have already attempted the challenge.

The JuneBug challenge has over 14 million views on TikTok and challenges participants to get creative and tap into their sense of humor. Some people have upped the ante by trying to find unique locations to perform the challenge. Beenie Man’s attempt, which was posted yesterday, January 27, has already attracted close to 170,000 views. Doting fans were quick to poke fun at the duo and also share some encouragement.

“Beenie you wearing old people shoes??” one fan asked, another fan said, “Do you really want to be that guy?” Is the first thing I thought of watching this,” and another chimed in, “no man dis look more like a zombie walk.” With all that’s going in the world, it surely brought a smile to many fans’ faces.