Spice & Her Boo Showcase Black Love With T.I., Tiny Harris, Kandi Burrus, Kirk Frost & More

Spice is cementing herself among the power couples of music capital Atlanta as she rubs shoulders with the likes of T.I. and Tiny, Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, and others.

The couples gathered to celebrate Kirk’s birthday, but fans had a lot to say as they disputed the “power couples’ caption by Kandi Buruss and Spice. In a post shared on Instagram, Spice lauded black love saying, “it’s all this black love in one picture for me…”

Fans, however, disagreed that most of the couples were anything to celebrate as they referred to the many cheating scandals involving Kirk Frost and Rasheeda as well as the relationship between T.I. and Tiny.

Many referred to more than half of the couples being involved in cheating situations, which shouldn’t qualify for them being in the power couple’s club. One commenter said, “I am not sure cheaters should be in the power couple category.”

Another commenter shared her annoyance with eye roll emojis “power couple where..y’all aren’t even relationship goals..#cheatingcouples.”

T.I., however, seems to be the one that commenters felt did not deserve to have the label of power couple. The rapper and reality T.V. star has been in the news quite a lot for allegedly cheating with model Bernice Burgos, Cheating on Tiny with the hired help in their marital home, being just a few of the scandals over the years.

One commenter said, “sorry but AIN’T NOTHING POWERFUL about T.I. and Tiny relationship! It’s a man showing how he can be TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL to his WIFE. WOMEN and BABY MOMMA.”

Few persons, however, celebrated Spice and her new man as the couple has been seen loving up on each other on social media.

Meanwhile, others bashed Spice and friends for gathering and not wearing masks as the covid-19 virus eats up Atlanta, which remains one of the few states that has not passed restrictions for gathering, clubs, and parties. The state is right behind chasing Florida for high Covid infection numbers and deaths.

“I love me some Kandi but these celebrities having huge parties instead of advocating for their fans to mask up and if possible, stay home. A lot of us are choosing to stay safe at home. A whole pandemic. Maybe they all got tested before. Idk. All love. I have always been a fan of kandi so not bashing, yall be careful.”

None of the celebrities have responded to the concerns raised regarding their meeting up and gatherings.