R&B Singer Chico DeBarge Arrested For DUI, Drugs & Faked ID Impersonating Brother

R&B singer Chico DeBarge was arrested and charged for drug possession, driving under the influence of alcohol, and false impersonation. According to TMZ, the singer was arrested at a traffic stop in Burbank, California, after he was stopped for not having his headlights on at night. His car also did not have any license plates on.

Police say that DeBarge refused to produce identification and instead offered his ID as James DeBarge, his 57-year old brother. The police say two women were also in the car with Chico. The car was also searched and methamphetamines and heroin were found. The singer was properly identified only after he was booked and charged for drug possession and DUI. The impersonation charge was then laid.

Meanwhile, the incident occurred on January 15, but the singer who was locked up was finally released on bail on January 22.

This isn’t the first run-in with the law for Chico. In November, he was caught by police while attempting to break into an SUV with a wire. It turned out that the car did belong to him, but he had locked the keys inside. However, a police search found methamphetamines in the car. He was arrested and booked but later released from the Burbank County jail.

Chico has had a long history of drug abuse. In 2007 he was arrested for drug possession, and he had also spoken about his time in rehab and his struggle with substance abuse. His 2009 album Addiction was inspired by his drugs abuse struggle.