Solange’s Teenage Son Julez Reveals Breakup With Skai Jackson Over Cheating

Solange’s 16-year-old son Julez Smith is making headlines for allegedly exposing actress Skai Jackson amidst a nasty break-up.

It was recently revealed that Julez Smith, the teenage son of Solange Knowles, used to date Disney star Skai Jackson and apparently, it did not end well. In spite of their two-year age difference, Julez was reportedly in a relationship with Skai, and she allegedly cheated on him, causing him to “ruin her life.” Plenty of folks are surprised since hardly anyone knew they were dating.

In a series of leaked screenshots that is evidently from a group chat with Julez, the 16-year-old revealed that he and Skai were involved in a sexual relationship, and she was unfaithful. The crass dialogue somehow managed to victimize and villainize Julez at the same time.

“She cheated [ofc] I left.” Julez allegedly wrote. The other group participants began to investigate the details of the controversy, and one referenced a recent post by Skai asking, “Why she talking about ‘throw libra men away’ if shes the one that cheated?” In response, Julez allegedly said, “I made sure to ruin her life.” He went on to explain what he meant by telling the group, “I fu**ed her good and got her addicted and then left her. It’s complicated.”

When one friend questioned how Julez could have slept with Skai considering their age difference, he replied, “Ni**a age don’t matter.” Later a video surfaced online of Skai being poked in the crotch, which many believe equates to revenge porn.

While the details of the slanderous fallout between the young couple remain scattered and unclear, it is at least blatantly apparent that the split was not amicable. In a since-deleted Instagram Q&A, Julez was asked if he and Skai are still friends, to which he responded, “F**k no.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this teenage love story gone wrong.