Skillibeng Head Burst Into Flames In “Hot” Video

Skillibeng once again prove why he is at the top of the new generation in dancehall.

The Kingston-based multimedia production company RD Studios has once again outdone themselves with a pretty innovative music video for one of Skillibeng’s brand new tracks, “Hot.” Skillibeng recently released his brand new mixtape titled The Prodigy. The months leading up to the release of this major project saw the deejay dropping various other singles, with “Hot” being one of the standout tracks.

The audio-only upload has garnered over 700,000 views on Youtube since its release in November. While this is a major accomplishment, the music video dropped on January 14, 2021, seems to be on a trajectory path that could surpass the 700K mark in short order. The freshest release is currently #2 on Youtube’s local trending charts with over 200,000 views.

Aside from a banging production from YGF and some truly sizzling lyrics from the St. Thomas man, the work of the RD Studios team cannot go unnoticed. The editing team deserves a ton of praise for bringing “Hot” to life. A burning newspaper, a cup of steamy noodles, a feature on the cover of “Hot” Magazine, a Microwave, and a Ghostrider remake of Skillibeng with his head in flames, all highlight just what it means to be “Hot.” The deejay also gets to play the role of a meteorologist and does it well, as he predicts that the entire JA will be engulfed in flames.