Popcaan Enters Legal Marijuana Business With “Unruly Cannabis Tea”

Popcaan / OVO

Popcaan has made his entrance into the legal marijuana business with his own line of Unruly Cannabis Tea.

Popcaan has long been a fan of marijuana as the artiste has been known for his prolific use of the herb in music videos and his everyday life, and now he is planning to release his own immune tea. The artiste, also known as Unruly Boss stated that he is a regular user of weed in all forms, so it comes as no surprise that he is now launching products along this line. “weed is my best friend so I use it in all form, had to make sure my unruly people strong this time around. Dropping my cannabis immune tea real soon…Sip, relax, and feel good. Body your immune system the unruly way,” Popcaan said in an Instagram post.

The tea, which is packaged in a yellow and black pack with the word Unruly emblazoned in large black and white fond, also boasts the ingredients as cannabis, lemon, and vitamin C. The product will have 10 tea bags and can be bought in Popcaan’s online store – the unruly shop.

Popcaan’s use of weed is no surprise in Jamaica as weed is decriminalized for medicinal use and small amounts of up to two ounces. However, the artiste’s way of life has caused controversy for him as an artiste on tour. In early 2020 he caused outrage while smoking weed in public while on the way to perform at a show in Ghana.

The “Weed Is My Best Friend” artiste drew the ire of a Ghanian artiste who went to jail for smoking weed in public. The artiste Kwaw Kese publicly questioned the hypocrisy, and double standard in treatment as Popcaan smoked weed in full view of police officers.