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Dababy’s Baby Mama MeMe Put More Distance Between Them, “These YALL ni**as”

MeMe and DaBaby
MeMe and DaBaby

DaBaby’s baby mama MeMe don’t want to be associated with him.

DaBaby’s love life is quite complicated if you think about it. At any given point, he can be spotted jetting with the Dominican princess DaniLeigh. Yet, there are times we see him hanging out with MeMe, who is the mother of his two kids. This topsy turvy type of relationship has been going on for years now, but 2021 could be the end of the back and forth.

Within the last couple of months, the Kirk rapper has been spending a lot more time with his “Levi High” co-singer, which presumably prompted Meme’s recent call to not have her name associated with the rapper. The call does come at a strange time though since Meme was spotted with Dababy at Offset’s birthday party in December.

That did not stop her from throwing the rapper under the bus, hinting that he’s not even fit to be called the father of her kids. MeMe took to social media to share a cryptic post via her Instagram Stories, which has gotten a lot of people questioning her exact motives.

“Don’t attach my name to nobody… these YALL ni**as,” were the words included in the post she reshared to her Instagram Stories. She went a step further to add that Dababy played no part in the conception of her kids: “Period! My chiren [sic] came from the lord.”

There are numerous posts of the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment kingpin performing his daddy duties. Therefore, there seems to be some form of fallacy in the statement from Meme. Could it be that she simply meant it as a joke and only intended to cause a stir in the media?

The multi-platinum recording artist has not commented on the share from his baby mama, presumably being too busy with the release of new music and his issues with the law.