Teejay Diss Shane E Amid Rumors Of A Beat Down, UpTop Artist Drops Diss Track

The beef between Teejay’s UpTop camp and Shane E is heating up.

It’s a new year, and it seems a new war is brewing in dancehall. Things have intensified between the Uptop Camp and deejay Shane E. It seems the feud began after the Uptop Camp made light of a rumor floating around that Shane E was beaten with a plank of wood in a community called Sandy Park in Jamaica. Earlier this week, Shane E released a track not only denying the beating but accusing the Uptop Camp of spreading false information.

The track is called “Sandy Park,” and one line states, “seh dem beat mi a lie a fame dem a look.” That was enough to elicit a response from the Uptop Camp and member Jdon Heights released a diss track called “Liu Kang Kick.” Jdon accuses Shane E of being a drag queen who was beaten after he “bad up himself.”

Teejay did not waste the opportunity to show his support for his fellow team member and posted the song on his Instagram account. He captioned the post, “dis drag queen.”

Shane E fired back almost immediately using the same platform he said, “Can’t bother with the talking.” He made the post alongside a small piece of an unreleased song, which will more than likely be aimed at the Teejay.

Teejay, not to be outdone or intimidated, has revealed that he will also be releasing a track called “Evidence.” He posted a cover picture for the track, which has a white shoe and a cracked cellphone implying this was left behind after Shane E allegedly received a beating. He captioned the post with three laughing emojis and tagged Jdon.

This looks like it’s the first verbal war for the year, and the back and forth indicates that it’s far from over. Who do you think will come out on top in this one?