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Dancing Rebel Takes Jab At Her Ex Intence In TikTok Video

Dancing Rebel took a jab at her ex-boyfriend Intence in her new TikTok clip.

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has shriveled into obscurity since the onset of the coronavirus. While recording artistes have managed to stay afloat through streams and sales, other entertainers such as dancers have been left to develop new ways to still make a living. Jamaica’s very own Dancing Rebel has shown that she is determined to succeed and is doing so through her recently launched a music career, meanwhile building her following on the relatively new social media app TikTok.

Her skits are sure to have you erupting in laughter. In one of her recent uploads to the platform, she decided to jokingly take shots at her former lover Intence. The popular Team Spice dancer was once the leading lady in the”Yeng Badness” singer’s world, earning the reputation of ‘couple of goals’ on social media.

That relationship is now being trampled, literally, as Rebel takes part in a TikTok video that asks, “Would you stamp your EX for 2Bilz?” An eager Rebel was not able to contain herself and began her stomping routine to a funky 80s hip hop beat before the completion of the question being asked. The skit has since brought a ton of laughter to her fans. One fan shared some concerns for Intence when he commented, “Smaddy check if the yeng boss good fimmi deh.”

Intence’s Instagram account shows that he’s having a fresh start for 2021. With the only two posts being his new music video release along with images of his daughter celebrating her 3rd birthday. He is doing tremendously well musically, having released “New Year” on December 31. The track has garnered over 1.2 million views and is now number 4 on the local Youtube trending list.

There are still speculations surrounding why their relationship between Intence and Rebel came to a grinding halt. At least one person is suggesting that Vybz Kartel’s desire for Rebel had a part to play in the demise. The man who made the statement was none other than selector Foota Hype, who highlighted it as the reason why Intence and Vybz Kartel were not seeing eye to eye. Foota’s statement apparently led to a biting diss track from Intence titled “Antisocial.”