Macka Diamond Asks Fans For Money As She Celebrates 50th Birthday

Macka Diamond turns 50-years-old today, January 12, and she’s asking her fans for one gift to help her celebrate, and that’s cash!

“Yuh see tomorrow, January the 12th, a mi birthday and mi a go put up mi CashApp, mi Zelle, mi MoneyGram, and mi everything and mi waan di whole a unno send me some money-o,” she told fans via Instagram Live.

She added, “Just DM me right now and I’m gonna send you all the information and you guys send me some money so tomorrow I can be hot and sexy for you all.” The “Dye Dye” singer also announced that she will host an intimate birthday bash this Saturday, January 16, which she called her “sweet 16” party.

Macka Diamond told fans that she will announce the venue for the party this Friday and said she didn’t want to announce online but urged fans to DM her for more information instead. “This Friday I’m gonna be announcing the venue. I don’t really wanna announce it online like that, me waan who interested fi come DM me and then we’re gonna take your phone numbers and then we’re gonna send you locations okay,” she said.

She also had a message for her fans that they should learn to love themselves. She added that all of her problems melted away when she began to love herself, “I won’t apologise to none for loving myself,” she continued.

Diamond went on to say, “When yuh learn fi love yourself you’re gonna feel this way. It took me so long to learn how to love myself but mi finally learn and mi happy fi love myself no care what.” Even if something bad were to happen, she would still try to find the good in the situation, she added. The “Hoola Hoop” singer also gave thanks for all that she had achieved in her career so far.

She added, “Mi appreciate what I’ve achieved out of music. You know seh there’s a lot of people that I’ve started music with and them nuh buss, dem not even get not even a hit song, nothing, but mi grateful. God has blessed me so 2021 mi haffi have God close beside mi cause a Him mi a deal wid.”