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Bobby Shmurda’s Mother Hints At Epic Comeback And Looming Release

Bobby Shmurda in prison

Bobby Shmurda is already plotting his comeback, per his mother.

There is a possibility that Bobby Shmurda could be back home from jail in just a few weeks. The New York rapper has been behind bars since 2016 when he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and weapons possession. The charges related to a police investigation in December 2014 which found him and fellow rapper, Rowdy Rebel to be involved in drug trafficking and multiple shootings.

A plea deal agreement in 2016 meant that Bobby Shmurda would only have to serve out a further 5 years of his seven-year sentence as he had been in custody since 2014, making him eligible for conditional release next month. Although he was previously denied parole, the mother of the “Hot N****” rapper is hopeful that this time will be the charm. “I am counting down just wishing we could run straight to February right quick,” Leslie Pollard wrote in an Insta post which featured a pic of her son on stage. “The come back wil be Epic!!! I can’t wait to hug my child it had been almost a year anxiety is getting the best of me.”

Based on his momma’s words, the 26-year-old is likely to re-enter the hip hop world as soon as he’s free. It is also possible that he may collaborate with Rowdy, who was released on parole in December after serving 6 years in prison. The GS9 member has already returned to music, appearing on Pop Smoke’s posthumous album last June on a track called “Make It Rain.”

Bobby Shmurda could be released from prison on February 23 if he’s lucky and serve the rest of his sentence under supervision. His release date is set for December this year.