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Meek Mill, 21 Savage & DJ Mustard Calls Out YK Osiris For Wearing Fake Gucci

YK Osiris is being called out for allegedly stunting for the ‘gram in fake Gucci.

A week after claiming he doesn’t have to floss on Instagram with foreign cars because “they goin think what the f**k they wanna think,” YK Osiris is getting trolled for “flossing” with a customized Gucci fit. The Def Jam artist took to Instagram to share a video of himself strutting down a hotel hallway and proclaiming that he is the new “King of R&B in 2021.”

While his statement was enough to start a conversation, somehow, everyone was more caught up in his Gucci jacket and pants. Other artists claimed it was fake and took to the comments to roast Osiris for it. 21 Savage was among those who chimed in writing, “Take dat sh*t off bro for I call mustard.” The rapper followed through with the ultimatum writing in a second comment, “F**k dat @mustard.”

DJ Mustard, who is reportedly recovering from COVID-19, then took the comment as an invitation to drag YK Osiris in a video he posted claiming, “Gucci don’t make that,” he said. “Gucci don’t make that, Osiris. Take that sh*t off, why would you do that? What in the– Gucci bandana,” he said while he could barely control his cackling.

Meek Mill also commented, “Drip on negative 16 today lol we all miss sometimes tho.” After all the ridicule, YK Osiris addressed the fake Gucci accusation in a video showing the receipts (or in this case the tag). “Y’all n***as so stupid,” the singer said. “Made by Exclusive Game. Y’all know my boy. Customized jacket. Y’all n***as be talking all that bullcrap.” As he flipped over one of the sleeves to reveal the tag he exclaimed, “Gucci! Stupid little boy.”

DJ Mustard later clarified that he was only kidding in another video he shared on social media. “Look man, it wasn’t about the jacket, it was about the outfit. It was a bad outfit, man,” he said. “I don’t know why we’re making this a big thing. It was a joke, it’s just a joke. I’m joking, just like if my little brother walked out the house with that sh*t on, I’d be like, ‘bro, that outfit is horrible, take that off.'”

YK Osiris recently sold his Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and Cadillacs and bought a new Hyundai, claiming he had to remind himself of who he is. I guess his refusal to “floss for Instagram” is limited to foreign cars.