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Fans Reacts ToKim Kardashian & Van Jones Dating Rumors Amid Divorce From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren’t divorced as yet, but the rumor mill has started swirling as to who the next fashion diva will date. Many fans are linking Kim with news commentator and lawyer Van Jones.

Rumors are that while Kanye himself seems to be dating someone else, Kim and Van are a thing, but there appears no concrete evidence as to the rumors but just wishful fan thinking. Van and Kim are well acquainted as Jones, whose real name is Anthony Kapel Jones, is also an author and the lawyer who helped Kim on her path to becoming an attorney.

The two reportedly met at the White House in 2018. He says his impression of the Kardashian is that she is brilliant and she is destined to be a great lawyer because she is very studious and wants to learn all she can about law.

While Van Jones is single, having been divorced since 2018, it doesn’t seem like Kim has any romantic interest. The fashion icon was reported by major news outlets that she has retained a lawyer to hash out her divorce from Kanye after a 6-year marriage that produced four children with Ye. Kim has neither confirmed nor deny the news, but she has reportedly removed her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Kanye is said to be living in Wyoming as the two are separated while Kim and the children are in LA at the family home.