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50 Cent Fires Back At Kal Dawson Over Being Shot, Calls Interview “Fraudulent”

50 Cent

50 Cent fires back at Kal Dawson claims about being present when Fif was shot 9 times and almost lost his him.

One rapper who is sure to make sure his voice is heard is 50 Cent. The “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper has called on Kal Dawson and VladTV to take down an interview in which Dawson claimed that he was also shot when Fifty was on the receiving end of nine bullets. According to 50 Cent, the claims are fraudulent, and he wants the video taken down immediately.

Dawson made the claims during the third part of a video interview series. Dawson painted the scenario when he was being interviewed and gave details about the night in question. He said, “I was in the passenger seat, we pulled up in front of this house and we’re sitting in the car. Some kid had a hoodie on and a ski mask and he started walking towards the vehicle and we paid him no mind but as he got closer he pulled out a gun and started shooting.”

He added that they were alone in the car and that he was shot “a couple of times.” He said the shots hit him in his arm and leg. The claims were promptly denied by 50 Cent, who used Instagram to let his fans know. He said, “I want this video taken down now,” alongside a photo of a screengrab of the interview on YouTube. He also wrote, “Fraudulent over it. It seems Vlad TV may have listened to 50 as the video is no longer available.