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YK Osiris Sells Lamborghini & Rolls-Royce For a Hyundai To ‘Humble’ Himself

YK Osiris traded his super expensive cars for a Hyundai and explains why.

YK Osiris says he is moving to the minimalist lifestyle and had traded his Lamborghini, Rolls- Royce and Cadillac cars for a regular Hyundai motor car in a big to humble himself. On Wednesday (December 30), Osiris, who is signed to Def Jam Records, posted to his Instagram stories that he’d sold all the expensive cars he’d acquired to boost his image in the rap game and bought a Hyundai car.

“This what I’m riding in now. This my new car. F**k a foreign. I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls-Royce. I sold my Cadillacs, yessirski. I ain’t gon’ lie, this thing humble yourself.”

Like Osiris, many rappers are often seen having fly luxury cars, lots of jewelry and spending bags of money of all manner of non-essential things, mostly as they try to create an image in the industry. Osiris says he doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone anymore “I ain’t gotta floss for you n—gas man. Y’all gon think what y’all wanna think. If I do got it, you don’t got it, y’all gon think what y’all wanna think. I love this Hyundai. Sh*t I ain’t riding a f***ing Lamborghini. I ain’t gotta floss for you n—gas. That’s what’s wrong with you ni**as, y’all feel like you gotta floss for the Instagram. Man, f*** them man, y’all don’t need to floss for no dumb a*s Instagram,” he told his followers.

In the video, Osiris shows off his white Hyundai SUV, which he proclaims his love for. He reminded others, “don’t forget where you come from, don’t get lost in the sauce.”

The rapper said who might be rated for his wisdom, particularly as many are struggling in the middle of a pandemic and can barely afford necessities, much less luxury said- “just remember…the same way you got it up, the same way you’ll go down. Swear to God, on my life,” He said.