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Jay-Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Accused Of Rape: Reports


Jay-Z’s nephew is being accused of rape.

Naz Carter is a 21-year-old college student and basketball player who also happens to be Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter’s nephew. The former Washington Huskies college basketball star was previously accused of sexually assaulting two women. Since then he has left his college team to go pro but it seems the allegations are coming back to bite him square in the rump.

One of the alleged victims reportedly made the accusations more public after claiming the University didn’t do enough to protect her and her friend. A new report suggests that Carter is responsible for forcing two girls to perform oral sex on him which equates to two accounts of sexual assault. The woman who spoke up says the University failed in its duty to support the alleged victims and notify the public of Carter’s behavior.

“After much prayer, conversation with my family, and a UW title ix investigation, I’ve decided to let you all know that Naz Carter is a Rapist on two separate accounts,” the alleged victim who goes by @serotoninprince on Twitter wrote. “As a victim myself and friend to another, it is important to me that you all know this.” She continues, “We as the victims, feel that the University has failed to act in a way that protects and supports us. They have also failed to notify the public of his behavior, neglecting to protect future victims and victims who never had the chance to seek justice.”

She also posted a written document with the University’s decision which basically gave Naz Carter a slap on the wrist with a two-quarter suspension for the 2021 Winter and Spring semesters. “I posted on @makethemscared, a list dedicated to holding rapists accountable, on October 24, 2019, with the hopes this wouldn’t happen to another victim,” she further alleged. “Little did I know, he’d already attacked others. In feb of this year myself and another victim reported him to title ix,” she added.

Naz Carter’s plans to go pro may have been significantly derailed by this revelation especially now since the report was covered by the Seattle Times. More to come on this developing story.