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Tory Lanez Gave Critic $2,500 After She Put Him On Blast

Tory Lanez gifted someone who is not a fan $2500.

Many detractors have been calling for the imprisonment of Tory Lanez following his alleged involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez, who has continued to deny the accusations, felt the ire of many Twitter followers, over the last six months, like 19-year-old Angela Newsome, who maintained a bitter back and forth with his fans. Newsome would eventually reveal that she was in a dire financial situation, and Lanez dug deep and gifted the naysayer US $2500 in a surprising move.

The teen’s financial situation became public after she started a GoFundMe account due to her “toxic father” and the need to move out of a bad situation. Before the donation from Lanez, Newsome called for the Canadian rapper to be “in jail. Immediately.” When Lanez’s fans came to his defence she added, “Most of the Tory fans i argued with today brought up my gofundme talkin bout im broke and my dad hates me.” She added, “But the second i said ‘if its a problem I have a gofundme, donate and i will no longer have it.’, it got quite as f*ck. You see the problem???”

After getting wind of her situation Lanez decided to make the contribution adding that she was lucky he had a big heart. “The problem is they don’t know you just like you don’t know me, But Today , f**k it … ima help you out, send me your cash app and I’ll send u the money u need to get rid of that ‘Go Fund Me’ … lol u lucky I gotta big heart.”

He also stayed true to his word as after she sent him her CashApp name, she also posted a screenshot showing that Tory Lanez sent her $2,500. Even though thankful for the contribution, she continued her scathing attack on the artiste.