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Saweetie Flexes Her Own Private Jet, “I land at the Clearport”

Quavo and Saweetie

Saweetie is super happy after coping her first jet.

The Hip Hop artist joyfully shared on Tuesday that she not only bought her first jet but that she also took her maiden flight as she shared photos of the sleek machine with fans. After landing safely, she recorded a selfie video sharing the good news, a feat for any young entertainer.

It seems that Saweetie is not a fan of flying commercial, and because she travels a lot, her jet is a worthwhile investment. She posted on her Instagram after her first flight, “Hey, I don’t land at the airport, I land at the Clearport. I got my first mother—-king jet am hella happy, I know that’s mother—king right!”

Her friends and family in the background can be heard proudly clapping for Saweetie as she made the announcement. On her Instagram, she can be seen decked out in a grey jumpsuit and oversized white coat as she poses on the ramp of the jet.

The 26-year-old rapper broke out in 2016 and is known for her EP Icy that has her well known hit “My Type’. She has been dating Migos member Quavo for the last two years and is also the cousin of actress Gabrielle Union.