Rihanna Pulled Up On Fans At Gas Station In Barbados After Touching Down For Christmas

Rihanna is back home in Barbados for Christmas, and the island beauty is definitely out and about on the island as she enjoys the warmth of her island home and catching up with friends.

While out, a masked Rihanna greets and hangs out with fans at a gas station. A video showing the encounter shows Rihanna with minimal make-up and a wavy hairstyle with wavy bangs and cute neck jewelry as she laughs with her fans, saying she was just at the random gas station not even buying gas. Rihanna is clearly excited to be home as she squeals “Barbados,” as the fan tells her his Christmas just got made after meeting her.

Rihanna reportedly arrived on the island last week and hasn’t missed a beat as she showed off her sexy tanned curves in Savage Fenty lingerie to her 88.1 million followers on Instagram. The artiste and actress has been ensuring that her fans see her looks from her lingerie brand, which has outsold major lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret due mainly in part to its inclusivity policies for clothing that fits larger bodies and unconventional body types.

Fans on Twitter speculated that her rumored boyfriend A$ap Rocky might also be on the island since the two have taken to spend holidays together- more recently seen spending the Thanksgiving holiday weekend together in New York.

Rihanna and Rocky are said to be dating, and seems to be official now. Rocky is also a model for Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s second company that focuses on beauty and skincare products.