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Bounty Killer Brings Christmas Cheers To Kids In Seaview & Callaloo Mews

Bounty Killer ensured that kids in Seaview Gardens and Callaloo Mews are happy this Christmas.

Christmas is in the air, but for many, that doesn’t necessarily mean a time of festivities for some, especially in a trying year filled with economic woes. Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer tried to do his part to bring some cheer to children who may not receive any gifts this year. Through his Bounty Foundation, he teamed up with the Digicel Foundation to donate toys to children of the Callaloo Mews.

Bounty Killer shared the event on his Instagram page. He posted, “Toys of joy to the kids of Callaloo Mews. Brought by the bounty_foundation in partnership with the @digicelfdnja. U Don’t Share Means U Don’t Care.”

Several children are seen happily receiving toys. The children seem to be of all ages.
“Today we are in Callaloo Mews, aka Callaloo Bed. And if you know bout Bounty Killer, you know this is the bed where I was born and bread,” he said. The donation happened on Friday, December 18.

Bounty joined the Digicel team after his Verzuz Battle in May against Beenie Man, where he said, “Digicel a fi mi cell.” Together they have been helping many impoverished communities.

Fans were quick to praise the ‘Warlord’ for his initiative. “Blessings mi general respect the kids will never forget this year #toyforjoytothekids,” one fan said, “We are so proud of you JAH BLESS AND GUIDE YOU ALWAYS G,” another added, while this fan said, “Wonderful- helped to put a smile on these children’s face during an abnormal Christmas season. Lovely.”

Callaloo Mews is a small community which is located across from the Riverton City landfill. About 500 residents live there. It was formed as part of the then Jamaica’s Government’s Operation Pride housing project during the 1990s.