Teejay Drops New Song “Entanglement” – Listen

Teejay drops off a new track called, “Entanglement.”

We’ve discovered a couple of new trends this year and one of the most talked-about, obviously aside from COVID-19, was the situation Jada Pinkett-Smith, her husband Will Smith, and Jada’s side-piece August Alsina, found themselves in. August revealed that he was madly in love with Jada and the two had a full-blown relationship. A special episode of the family’s Red Table Talk-Show was aired where Jada admitted to her husband that she was indeed involved with the young r&b singer.

Jada carefully selected her words during the sitdown, admitting that she and Alsina only had an ‘entanglement’ and nothing more. It turns out Jamaica’s very own dancehall artiste Teejay has found himself in a similar situation. August Alsina tapped Rick Ross for their track titled “Entanglement in which he spoke out on what happened. Teejay has followed in a similar footstep by documenting his story in a track of the same name.

Unlike August, Teejay is the one playing gatekeeper, as his side-girl is determined to get under the covers with him and his main lady. The idea is very exciting, which leaves Teejay in a tricky situation of not wanting to hurt his main partner, but also wanting to make use of the once in a lifetime opportunity. He brings the matter to God and his council of friends to try and ascertain just how to proceed. The topic is more than interesting, and Teejay’s vocals step up an extra pitch as he relays the tall tale to his listeners.

Go ahead and listen to the song and let us know just what you would do if you find yourself in a similar predicament. The track is produced by Frankie Music for their YoLo Riddim compilation.