Munga Honourable Releases Sophomore album “Shine Your Light”

Munga Honorable drops his sophomore album, Shine Your Light.

Munga Honorable has a huge catalogue of quality work but only dropped his second album last Friday, December 4. He gave fans a taste of what the album called Shine Your Light would sound like at a ‘Sip and Stream’ event which was posted on YouTube. He also took some time to share how he went about creating the album. The album is a 12 track EP and was released via Hilltop Records, and is being distributed by 21st Hapilos.

He explained why he chose that title for the album. “I found out that perseverance is a big element in anyone’s life. The amount of times it could be said that I fell but me rise more time than that. If I wasn’t persistent, if I didn’t have faith in ah meself, and felt that there was a light in me I couldn’t shine it, so once I found that light that was in me, it was necessary to shine,” he said. This album is especially for his fans to be uplifted through his music, he said.

Munga went on to say that he started working on the album this year and recorded the first song in January but added that some of the songs were written last year. He added that “Shine Your Light” the title song of the album was his favourite because he felt that it gives hope and inspiration to all those who may need upliftment around the world.

Munga Honorable also shared that he got involved in music through his uncle who was an engineer, deejay and selector. He said watching him work combined with his own love for reading and writing fuelled a career in dancehall. He added that passion has lasted throughout his 15-year career so far.

See tracklist for Shine Your Light below.

2. “You alone”
3. “Shine Your Light”
4. “Good Morning Money
5. “Counting”
6. “Expensive”
7. “Mind Pon Di Millions”
8. “Hennessy”
9. “Link Up”
10. “In My Room”
11. “Electrifying”
12. “Clueless joe”
13. “My vibes”