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Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 Affiliate Rowdy Rebel Released On Parole, Twitter Reacts

Rowdy Rebel Shmurda

Rowdy Rebel is home.

The GS9 family is slowly regaining shape as one of its prominent members, Rowdy Rebel, gets released from prison. The GS9 boys, inclusive of Bobby Shmurda, were on the brink of major success with tracks such as “Hot Ni**a,” “Computers,” and “Bobby B*tch,” when they were nabbed by law enforcement on guns and drug charges. A total of 13 persons were incarcerated during the bust, all receiving different charges.

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s website shows that Rowdy was actually locked up in 2016 with his file showing that he was recently released on parole.

The latest set of videos have the freed rapper have already begun to surface online. In one clip, his associate can be seen waiting for his exit outside the building. He didn’t disappoint, stepping out in fresh laceless kicks and a white hooded sweater to greet them. Stacks of Cash were already laid out and waiting for the rapper.

For many fans who have been steadily hoping and praying for the return of the GS9, this was a good day. For many, the one blemish is that Bobby Shmurda is still in prison and won’t be released for at least another year/ The “Hot Ni**a” rapper was denied parole earlier this year.

It’s truly powerful that the crew has managed to stay relevant to this day. Rowdy Rebel made a recent appearance on the lead single off Pop Smoke’s posthumously released album. However, there hasn’t been any other real musical output. Fans are excited about his return and are already awaiting Rowdy’s next hit.