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Meek Mill and Michael Rubin Launches $2 Million Scholarship Fund In Philly

Meek Mill is ending the year on a high note as he collaborates with NBA star Michael Rubin to create a scholarship fund to assist students in his home state of Philadelphia.

The fund, which is valued at $2 million, is aimed at assisting students who are facing pressure, especially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the various modes of learning and requires a mix of in school and distance learning. All of these factors have caused schools that are historically underfunded to struggle. Even more so, many children are suffering as parents and households lose income and face untold hardship. Many children are not equipped to successfully attend school due to the pandemic, particularly poverty-stricken children.

However, the two Philly natives are teaming up to make a change in the lives of underprivileged youth in the state. According to Meek Mill, the fund is expected to assist nearly 1,000 students in the Philadelphia school system. The fund is expected to be distributed immediately.

According to TMZ, the money in the fund is targeted specifically to students from poor households. It will allow them to attend private schools throughout the city and also provide virtual learning resources such as laptops, tablets, and wifi.

Meek Mill has constantly courted controversy in the last week- first by offering record deals to rappers to squash deals and being accused of being a miser as he approached boys selling water in the city and gave them $20 to share among themselves. Many fans felt he could have bought the waters or do more to assist the young men.

Hopefully, his latest act of goodwill will buy him some forgiveness from fans.