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Machine Gun Kelly’s Purple Aston Martin Found Abandoned & Engine Running

Machine Gun Kelly is back behind the wheels of his Aston Martin.

Just last week it was revealed that Machine Gun Kelly’s purple Aston Martin, had been stolen. Apparently, the thief was caught cruising around Los Angelos with the stolen car. Last year MGK revealed the purchase and showed off several pictures of the luxury vehicle. The theft of the pricey vehicle was revealed by Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM radio show. He shared that he learned about the incident from someone who bought his Los Angeles home. Lewis was MGK’s neighbour. Other reports indicate that the car was stolen right out of MGK’s driveway.

“I got a call from the new owner of Valley Vista. We’re friendly. We’re great. We really love each other, whatever,’ he said.

He added: “So, she called me up and she said, “Jeff, we got a problem.” She goes, “Do you know how to rewind the cameras?” And I said, “Well, I don’t, but call Brett, the AV guy.” And she’s like, “OK, because Machine Gun Kelly’s car got stolen.” His Aston Martin.”

According to TMZ, the LAPD stated that the vehicle was recovered yesterday, December 14. They reported that officers were on patrol late yesterday evening when they saw the car cruising down the street. It went right past their vehicle. They said they weren’t able to immediately pull the car over but they eventually “searched the area and spotted the British sports car.”

The thief seemed to have been shaken up by seeing the police and decided not to take the risk to keep driving it. Instead, he/she drove to a random person’s driveway and abandoned the car with the engine still running. At first inspection, there seemed to be no damage to the car and authorities haven’t revealed if they have any suspects in mind. The Aston Martin is still in the LAPD’s impound lot but police have confirmed that it is “still in good shape”.