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Alkaline Drops Visual For His Vybz Kartel Diss “Nah Fi Like”

Alkaline drops the visual for “Nah Fi Like.”

Alkaline has kept a steady pace in terms of releases this year by dropping something new every couple of weeks to a month. It seems he is keeping that same formula to the end of the year with yet another release. The music video for “Nah Fi Like,” that scorcher of a track that namedropped Vybz Kartel, is finally upon us. The video follows the visuals for “We Up,” which was released just a week ago.

With back-to-back releases, there is now more than enough evidence to prove Alka is playing the role of Santa. After all, his fans have been ‘loyal’ to him all year and do deserve a bit of a treat as the tumultuous 2020 draws to a close.

Now on to the actual music video. Two weeks ago, Alkaline shared a still of himself flexing with a tiger to his Instagram family. Little did fans know that it was a scene from his upcoming mini-movie. Think Pablo Escobar/Narcos for this one. The Vendetta boss seizes a lavish Mediterranean-style mansion, decked out with pools, beautiful ladies, and if you know the story of Escobar, exotic animals. There is just one tiger, but you get the picture.

Escobar was also known for his lavish cars, so the directors at Kingpride Productions pulled out the stops to have at least one high vehicle on set. Alkaline’s portrayal of his real-life status as a true top dog is convincing, no matter if he’s chilling with his tiger or dancing in a box for the B-Roll cuts.

Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think.