Sevyn Streeter Reveals She Was Tested Positive For COVID-19

Sevyn Streeter tested positive for COVID-19.

The coronavirus is still running rampant across the globe and new cases are emerging every day. Many celebrities around the world have reportedly tested positive for the virus so far, from English actor Idris Elba to American R&B singer Jeremih. Granted, some cases are more severe than others but the point remains that people are still contracting COVID-19.

Sevyn Streeter is the latest American entertainer to reveal that she has tested positive for the virus. In a note she posted to Instagram Stories, the singer said, “Just got the word I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’m all good but will be isolating for a little bit to protect those around me.” Apparently, Sevyn was gearing up to release a new album which she still plans on seeing through.

“And trust me I’m doing everything I can 2 deliver my new project ‘DRUNKEN WORDZ SOBER THOUGHTZ’ to y’all top of 2021 but I have 2 make sure I’m being safe first,” she wrote. “Sending love to everyone in these crazy times. Stay safe and healthy xoxo Sev.” The singer also shared the note in an Instagram post where she spoke about how disappointed she will be to have to spend Christmas away from her family.

“Adversity & responsibilities, Im more than capable of navigating…but the idea of spending Christmas away from my family during these times….absolutely heartbreaking. This year is def 1 for the books,” Sevyn wrote in the caption with a broken heart emoji.

In an earlier post on Instagram Stories, the singer shared a photo posted by Jeremih today when he announced that he is out of the hospital and has recovered from COVID-19. Sevyn wrote, “My heart is at ease” with the prayer hands and heart emojis. Little did she know, she would be announcing that she has caught the virus too merely three hours later.

Sevyn Streeter is most popularly known for her 2013 smash hit with Chris Brown “It Won’t Stop” which peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. We hope the R&B singer has a speedy recovery and will be able to deliver some new music soon.