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Govana’s “Likkle Bit A Money” Reach In The House Of Parliament In Jamaica

Govana’s “Likkle Bit A Money” gets ’nuff luv’ in Jamaica’s House of Parliament.

The song and video were released back in July of this year and have already worked up an impressive figure of over 3,300,000 views on Youtube. Sometimes the strength of a song is its ability to be used in regular, everyday conversation. Govana is a true master at this, with many of his songs proving to be regular melodic commentary, flowing smoothly over a ‘punchy’ and upbeat instrumental.

Hot off the release of “Convo” and “Convo part II,” Govana blessed fans with a truly inspirational cut, paired with visuals that drew elements from our past. The song became an instant banger and soon everyone was throwing around the phrase “Likkle Bit A Money,” after all, it’s something Jamaicans say just about every day.

As for its latest application, I guess we should have seen this one coming after the shocking number of dubplates that were voiced during the campaign season for Jamaica’s general election, which took place some months ago.

In a new video, Hon. Desmond Anthony Augustus McKenzie, CD, MP, was giving his address to the house when he decided to incorporate the words and melody of Govana’s track.

“Shut yuh mouth wid yuh likkle bit a money. That is the name of it madam speaker,” said the Minister of Local Government and Community Development a smile on his face. Laughter quickly grew afoot in the place of governance.

Govana reshared the clip to his account and dropped a truly hilarious caption to match. “… SORRY MADAM SPEAKER A SUH GOVI MUSIC DO PPL … I INFLUENCE THE CULTURE #UNDEFEATED.”

What other Govana line do you hear in your everyday life?