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Tyga Starts OnlyFans Management Company For Models

Tyga is aiming to be the king of OnlyFans.

Just about everything went virtual since the coronavirus hit earlier this year, so it was only a matter of time before the pimping game joined the pack. It’s currently happening, and it’s none other than Mr. Taste, Tyga, who is leading the charge. The rapper recently launched a company aimed at managing models who are looking to successfully share their most intimate areas on the now popular OnlyFans platform, for a fee, of course.

Tyga has some pedigree in the department. Aside from a huge chunk of his musical catalog being about sex, the rapper has also tasted the fruits of the app, now known for its provocative nature. He reportedly raked in $7.7 million in revenue from the platform within months of signing up. We are sure the staggering figure had a lot to do with a recycled leaked image of his junk that the rapper uploaded to his account. The move caused a major stir on Twitter when it dropped, as females clamored to see what was up. The rapper has supposedly featured lavish, naked-themed pool parties on the platform to even out the content for his male subscribers.

The lifestyle, entertainment, and talent management company was revealed at a month under the name “Too Raww.” The exact brand of entertainment and management the company is specializing in was announced today via a poster on the company’s Instagram.

“Looking to be a Too Raww Model? Looking to start OnlyFans? Or get OnlyFans management? DM @tooraww” the ad reads. The post has already been getting positive reviews, as models welcome the idea.

OnlyFans has been the go-to place to earn a living for a handful of celebrities such as Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna, Jordyn Woods, Erica Mena, Amber Rose, among others. The male population has also tapped into the lucrative market with Michael B. Jordan, Chris Brown, and even Casanova joining. Now that Cas is chilling with law enforcement, we are unsure of how his page will be managed. Maybe Tyga can work something out at his company.