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Meek Mill Called Out For Gifting Several Kids In ATL $20 To Split, Tiny Harris & Tokyo

Meek Mill is catching a lot of heat over his latest Twitter stunt, where he gave a group of kids $20 to share among themselves.

The Philadephia rapper was in the city of Atlanta today when he pulled up on the group of kids selling bottles of water in the streets. The “Young & Gettin’ It” spitter supported the streetside venture and even overpaid for a bottle of the good stuff. The exact figure of $20 dollars was offered up by Meek Mill, who was reportedly driving a Rolls Royce costing close to $400,000.

Here is the kicker, the rapper and the other persons traveling in his car asked the 6-8 boys to split the $20.00 among themselves. This is not sitting well with folks who felt the move was borderline disrespectful to the boys since he recorded how it all went down and uploaded it to his IG status. Let’s do the Math, 6-8 boys means that each person would get anywhere from $2.50 to $3.33, not really a payday if you ask us. Meek is reportedly worth anywhere from 14 million to 20 million USD.

According to the rapper, the boys were actually appreciative of it, even though a few persons watching the video begged to differ. “They appreciate it, they just hustling kids…,” he concluded. Meek Mill knows a thing or two about hustlin’. Yesterday tweeted that he was getting low and would be putting in the work on his end. Perhaps he wanted to use this opportunity as a lesson to the youngins he met.

The move wasn’t supported by a lot of persons, yet a few said that Meek was not obligated to offer anything in the first place. Tokyo Vanity, who lives in Atlanta, sided with the rapper and mentioned that boys are a pretty “ungrateful” bunch. She explains that she regularly gives them cash, and even broke down just how far Meek’s $20 will go if they spend it wisely.

“They think if you give 1 n__ga some money you gotta give all of them some money,” she explained. “Respectfully, ya’ll got Meek f__ked up cause he ain’t even have to give them SH_T. Take the 20 and buy all y’all 5-6 more cases of water to sell, that’s how you split it.”

Tiny Harris also shared her reacting as well as Meek Mill’s longtime foe, DJ Akademiks. “These water boys in Atl hell!” Tiny wrote. Akademiks said, “I told y’all the same thing 2 posts ago on this subject.. meek only wrong for filming it… but they aggressive asf telling u ‘Na give us a hundo big bro… this for school.’ They run the game on every person and mad aggressive.. they not selling sh*t they pan handling and finessing. They only do the most wit out of towners too.”

Do you think Meek and his crew should have offered more money, or was it a much-needed lesson for the “ATL Runtz?”